Barents Restaurant & Bar
Barentszstraat 171 Amsterdam NL 1013NW
+31 020 235 1105


Wed – Sun:  5:30pm – 12am

Mon & Tues:  Closed


Our Story


Esther, chef and owner, has been working as a chef in various restaurants in Amsterdam for over 25 years. As a young girl she was already in the kitchen messing around with pots and pans and making food.

Esther has a preference for Mediterranean cuisine. Simple and pure dishes with fresh ingredients, preferably in season. Clean and with a refined taste. ‘’Food that makes you feel good and gives you the feeling of being on vacation’’ she says.

Together with Alex (and our team) she cooks traditional dishes with her own twist and taste.

Barentsz is her first restaurant and with that, a dream that became reality.


Alex, cook and owner, also loved spending time in the kitchen from a very young age.

After finishing law school he chose to follow his heart and become a fulltime cook. Ever since then he has worked passionately in the Amsterdam hospitality industry starting as a dishwasher and working his way up to executive chef. He dappled in classical French cuisine, to modern Dutch kitchens.

When he met Esther a few years ago in the kitchen their partnership was on fire from the start. So much so that they immediately began talking about starting their own venture. Now, he spends his days, proudly, cooking for Barentsz.

His creations are pure, without pretense but with quality and balanced flavors.

The Barentsz Team

At Barentsz we work with a small team that consists of enthusiastic people with love for hospitality. 

Experience and knowledge are  important, but we also find it a must that we can be our authentic self and that we work like a family that helps each other and is nice to one another.

Not to forget our little Flo, the restaurant dog. She will make sure that the floors are absolutely clean at the end of the night, even though she knows that mommy Esther doesn’t approve…

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